Immerse yourself in language and culture while giving back to the community

Would you like to have the chance to be involved in the community while learning Spanish? CLI and inspiredDR will give you the chance to experience a once in a life time learning adventure. The study Spanish and volunteer program is a 25 or 30 hours of study/work per week plus one outdoor full-immersion activity.


If you represent an organization such as a church group, high-school or University and would like to bring a student group to Cabarete for Spanish and volunteering please contact Cabarete Language Institute directly and we will build a custom program for you. We have hosted student groups before and can provide solid references from US University administrators and deans.

Founded in 2014, InspireDR is an organization devoted to the mentoring and after school education of boys and young men in the Cabarete area. They are always looking for male volunteers to help them meet their goals.

The Dominican Republic Education and Mentoring Project aka The DREAM Project was originally started as collaboration between Cabarete business people, tourists and college students all wishing to make a difference.  Today the DREAM Project is in multiple classrooms throughout the North Coast of the Dominican Republic and serves over 7,000 students a year by through its numerous educational programs.

Tres Mariposa Montesorri, or 3MM as it is abbreviated is a Montessori school open to all members of the Cabarete community looking for day care, or pre k through grade 1 Montessori education. Roughly 70% of the enrolled students are on scholarship and come from some of the most financially dire situations around Cabarete. The other 30% of the student body comes from the diverse international community that makes Cabarete so special.

The Mariposa DR Founded was founded in 2009 by a group of caring volunteers who are committed to act on the urgent need for community-based solutions to end poverty. Their mission is to end generational poverty and to accomplish this goal Mariposa has built an impressive after school program devoted entirely to girls and young woman.


Outside Cabarete about ten miles or fifteen minutes by GuaGua (car) is Wise Mountain.  Wise Mountain certainly tops our list of recommend places to volunteer and study Spanish. Their mission is to reclaim land and restore it to its more natural state while saving as many horses, cats and dogs as possible. We at CLI feel there is a certain authenticity living on Wise Mountain while commuting to CLI to study Spanish.

If you are an individual looking to volunteer more than one month at these organizations please contact them directly. Full time volunteers will receive a 30% discount on any of our courses. For shorter stays of under a month contact CLI directly, tell us the name of the organization you want to volunteer with and any relevant skill you might bring to the NGO of your choice.

Language Classes at CLI

Learn Spanish, Surf & Kite!

Cabarete Language Institute (CLI) provides high-quality Spanish, English and French language instruction in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Our experienced and certified language teachers create a dynamic, student-centered learning experience that will help you meet your language goals.

Accommodations & Packages

Save time and money by booking a Spanish Intensive course with a stay at CLI Surf Camp. Prices are as low as $500 a week for accommodations, boards and Spanish! If you are looking for more luxurious accommodations of have special needs, we will gladly refer you to one of ours partners who will make sure your stay is as enjoyable as you want it to be!

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