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Cocina Dominicana

Dominican Cuisine Cooking Lessons

Typical Dominican Food & Vegetables

cook_1Yuca, habichuelas (red beans), arroz (rice), platano, (plantains) aguacate, pollo, guandules, recaito,… these are some of the top ingredients that Dominicans use for cooking. Furthermore, living in a tropical island offers you a range of fruits that you could not imagine or experience in any other part of the wide world.

Friendly Dominicans Traditions

People in the Dominican Republic are lively, happy and spontaneous, they don’t need any excuses to celebrate. A party can be improvised in less than a blink of an eye if a Dominican runs into one or more friends. However, any other occasion requires more planning and dedication elaborating details.

The Dominican Party Soup

Sancocho is, without hesitating, the most precious Dominican dish. It is a synonym of “fiesta”. It is usually prepared at special moments due to a number of ingredients needed and the long wait until everything is ready. It is made of different types of meats, corn, celery and other vegetables forming sort of a soup. Fortunately, warm climate makes people patient and easy going, that’s why they invest the waiting time enjoying and having fun with friends while drinking a bit of rum or a cold beer or other trying other Dominican specialties to eat or drink.

Dominican Cuisine Workshop

Learn to cook Dominican food with CLI

The best way to learn a language is through its people and traditions. CLI wants its students to be part of the Dominican culture and makes sure they experience it. Cocina Dominicana (Dominican Cuisine) was born to show this reality, to share the moment with locals and, of course, to enjoy food! So now we meet at the school to cook the traditional Sancocho all together while the Chef explains all we need to know. Immersion becomes a way to learn. And… What are we celebrating?

As we proposed before, there is no need of an excuse to celebrate, but the fact of being in such a paradise it is a reason by itself! Buen provecho!

Cabarete Cooking Workshop

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