Cabarete bay view from air

Cabarete: More Than Just a Surf Town

I still remember preparing myself for my new life in Dominican Republic. I had never heard anything about Cabarete before and I never would have imagined, especially after living in so many different places, how much a small place could give me in such a short time. I have had the chance to meet very interesting people from all over the world: students, locals, volunteers, and visitors. Some of them are still here, some of them have left, but what they shared with me opened my mind in a way that changed the way I thought and saw things. During my eight months living in Cabarete there are two things that have struck me the most: the kindness of Dominican locals and the determination of my students in CLI’s social program, Opportunities in English.

I have lived in El Callejón de la Loma, one of the Dominican neighborhoods in Cabarete, since I arrived in the Dominican Republic. I have noticed that regardless of their situation, Dominicans will always smile at you and offer you help every time you need it.

Not so long ago I went to Isla Saona with some friends and rented a car. On our way back, we realized that we had a flat tire when we were passing by a very small village. We had a spare but not the tools needed to change it. The people of the small village literally started running to help us without us even having to ask. After they finished helping us they told us they didn’t want anything in exchange.

Back in Cabarete when we told our story people would start to tell us of similar situations they had lived through. The Dominican Republic is a very special spot in the Caribbean where its visitors can feel safe and welcome.

But what has got to me the most is being a teacher in the Opportunities in English program where young Dominicans can learn English. In Cabarete this is extremely important because in order to be more prepared for a job in this tourist town English language skills are necessary. It is amazing to see how hard they try because they want to get a good job to help their families. My students and I have so much fun in class and I feel happy to see how fast they learn.

So far, being in Cabarete has been such a nice experience and despite being so far from known surroundings, Cabarete has made me feel like I am home.

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