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5 stages of learning Spanish before traveling to South America

Latin AmericaDo you want to travel to South America? Then, you need to learn the Spanish language. This is the official language spoken in over twenty countries. The Spanish government helps visitors coming into the country to learn the Spanish language. For example, there is an institution called ‘Instituto Cervantes’ located on Eaton Square in London organized by the Spanish government that is involved in promoting and teaching the Spanish language to individuals from all over the world.

The best ways to help you learn Spanish faster and easily are by understanding the first things to learn about the polite words, numbers, and accommodation. Then, label your surroundings, get a local private tutor, get head starts on learning the language, and start making friends before you arrive.

1. The first things to learn

Some basic words you need to learn in the Spanish language are the polite words, numbers, food, and accommodation.

The polite words

You will learn the polite words like

Hello – Hola (Spanish)

Thank you – Gracias

Please – porfavor


Learn words relating to accommodation like

Do you have room for two people? – Tiene una habitación para dos personas? (Spanish)

2. Label your surroundings

You need a good understanding of your surroundings and the addresses for you to enjoy your stay in South America. People may ask you, “De dónde eyes?” which means ‘where are you from?’ or “Quépaísesusted?” what country, are you from?

3. Local private tutor

Look for a local private tutor, if you want to succeed in your quest to learn the Spanish language. Your local or native private teacher will help you understand the basic things you need to learn about the Spanish people, their cultures, and especially, the language.

4. Get a headstart on learning the language

You need to condition your mind on learning the new language if it is different from the languages you learned at school. Register for an intensive language course anywhere it is offered. The Spanish government is organizing an institution in Eaton London called ‘Instituto Cervantes’, responsible for the promotion of the teaching and learning of the Spanish language everywhere in the world. The teachers are native speakers ready to educate you on the rudiments and basics of the language. There is also Elegant International College in London, where you can undergo a 12-week course on the Spanish language. Learning the language will help you when you want to shop, open a bank account, and rent a house. Furthermore, you can buy some language learning applications like duolingo, Roselta stone, or Spanish learning videos like videoEle, hire a private teacher, and buy a language-learning book.

Learn to listen in Spanish

If you want to learn to speak Spanish successfully, you must learn to listen in Spanish. The more you listen to the native speakers as they speak the better you get to understand the language. Listen more if you want to learn better. Therefore, listen for the words you know as the natives and others speak Spanish.

5. Start making friends before you arrive

For you to adapt to a new culture, learn a new language, and acclimatize to the weather conditions of the new place, you need to start making friends with people from such places. They will help and teach you about their cultures, the types of foods they eat, religions, and languages spoken in such a place. You will begin to learn all these things from your friends even before you arrive there. The communication could be through e-mails, Facebook, MeetUp, and other media channels that will help you to chat with these people on a regular basis before you arrive in such a country. You can discuss local sports teams and social clubs.

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