FAQ Spanish online

  1. Are classes one-to-one?
  2. What levels are the lessons? 
    Lessons are tailor made, so they are adjusted to your specific needs and level. We have designed 6 different leves from beginner to advance: Check it out here.
  3. Who is the teacher? 
    Any of CLI’s staff members. All University graduates, certified and experienced in teaching Spanish. Check them out here
  4. How long are the lessons?
    Lessons are 45 minutes long.
  5. How long do I have to complete the course?
    You have up to 2 months for every 8 lessons from the purchase date to complete your course.
  6. Can I adjust the schedule for the lessons?
    Yes, you will arrange the schedule according to your needs and the teacher’s availability.
  7.  How do I pay for the lessons?
    Payment can be done via PayPal, by credit card or wire transfer. Payment is done in full after the trial lesson or before the first day of class.
  8. Can I have a free trial lesson?
    Yes, of course.



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